Smart system and Lasso containers integrate “Viseu Recicla” project


Lasso was selected by the Municipality of Viseu to integrate a pioneering project at national level that aims to increase the rates of selective waste disposal in the county, in order to comply with the rules established by the European Union for 2020. As part of the “Viseu Recicla” project, Lasso semi-underground containers are being installed with an intelligent access control system - an innovative and essential tool to support the municipality's strategy to transform Viseu into a smart city.

According to Pedro Martins da Costa, CEO of Lasso, "In addition to encouraging recycling, this system, by equipping Lasso semi-underground containers with IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology, optimizes waste collection with a consequent reduction in costs. In France we already have several municipalities to use the Redin system for access control in collective deposition containers, and in Portugal this is the first project in this area that will be the future in urban waste management”.

Under the Viseu Recicla project, Lasso will install 174 semi-underground containers for selective collection (packaging, paper and glass), in a total of 58 recycling banks in the city of Viseu. The novelty and pioneering of this project lie, on the one hand, in the intelligent system with IoT technology and a LoRaWan network, which allows the containers to provide a set of data that optimize the decision making in the field of waste management. On the other hand, the conditioned opening of containers by the citizens using an RFID card, allows the evaluation of the recycling habits of each citizen and each neighborhood or parish.

Based on these data, the municipality will create a compensation system that rewards the neighborhoods that recycle the most, putting them in a kind of competition, with the attribution of points that will give access to benefits.

In addiction the Redin intelligent system for access control will also be installed in 240 Lasso containers already in the city, thus increasing to a total of 414 containers where it will be possible to monitor the recycling rates.

According to Almeida Henriques, mayor of Viseu, "with this equipment we make a qualitative leap in the selective collection of waste, increasing the capacity of collection and sensitizing to the change of the habits of the citizens in the level of the disposal of domestic waste. The conditions are created so that no one has an excuse for not separating waste. "