“Cleaner Vizela” program with Green Bee

Following the implementation of the “Cleaner Vizela” program, the Vizela City Council has just launched a new containerized collection system based on new Green Bee containers, from Lasso. The 54 Green Bee full underground containers installed in the city center have just been put into operation replacing the current door-to-door collection system with a mixed door-to-door waste collection service.

According to Victor Hugo Salgado, Mayor of Vizela, “the containerized collection service is, for various reasons, technically and environmentally more advantageous than the existing system, allowing not only a reduction in collection costs, but above all. of all, providing a cleaner and more pleasant environment”.

The 'Cleaner Vizela' program has as its fundamental objective the substantial improvement of the quality of life of Vizela and its citizens, estimating a saving of one million euros in 10 years.

“We are very proud that one more municipality favors the disposal of waste for collection in full underground containers - in this case Lasso's Green Bee containers - over disposal on public roads. This demonstrates the added value that this system offers to municipalities, ensuring the optimization of collection management, minimizing costs and contributing to sustainable development and a better quality of life for citizens”, says Maria João Ferreira, Lasso’s Commercial Director to the domestic market.