Retrofitting service recovers old containers

Semi-underground containers older than 10 years are still in good condition inside but may have a deteriorated exterior appearance and are less pleasing to the eye. Lasso offers its clients a retrofitting service that operates in two aspects: aesthetically and functionally.

With a low investment, it is possible to completely change the aesthetics of older containers, giving them a completely renewed look. This is done by simply changing the outer coating, to which can also be added the change of the lid, including one of the new, more versatile, sturdy and robust modular lids. The exterior finishing can be replaced by Image Finishing, which works as a communication media with the citizens, or by the Imitation Wood Recycled Plastic Boards, produced with 100% recycled material, among other options.

In some municipalities where they have been installed for many years, semi-underground containers may need technical adaptation to optimize the collection operation, make it faster and adapt it to new truck-mounted technology. To this end, Lasso offers a functional retrofitting service, which includes changing the single ring system on the lid to Kinshoffer, for example, or even changing the bag. In the specific case of the bags, it is possible to replace the bag model from the conventional to the “Masterbag”, with undeniable environmental advantages, as it allows leachate retention and eliminates the use of a disposable bag. Also with regard to bags, it is also advisable to replace the old lifting system to the newer one - the “Clam-Cleat” -, which offers greater safety for the operator when handling.

Functional retrofitting also extends to lids, which can be replaced by new modular models with increased wind resistance, increased ergonomics and designed to perfectly fit the PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw) access control system. Old small lids can be replaced with the newer model or even replaced with new vertical opening models for ease of access and user convenience. The new double drum lid, on the other hand, for undifferentiated waste containers, is suitable for adapting the new intelligent charging systems.

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