Municipality of Ovar installs Green Bee recycling banks

The municipality of Ovar has selected Lasso™ Green Bee full underground containers as part of an investment program to improve service to residents and to adapt to current requirements and quality of service parameters required by the Portuguese waste management authority. Under this program, the municipality installed 20 Green Bee full underground containers in Ovar and Esmoriz for selective and undifferentiated waste collection, and it is planned to acquire more equipment during 2020.

According to Claudia Cardoso, Head of the Environment Division of the Ovar City Council, “The installation of full underground containers with larger capacity and more attractive image translates into an improvement in the physical accessibility of the population to the equipment and the optimization of collection operation, as well as preparing for a PAYT system”.

“It is very gratifying to us that municipalities choose our equipment to integrate their plans to improve and optimize urban waste collection. Ovar is a municipality with environmental concerns that has just made a major investment in this area and we are pleased to see that our Green Bee full underground containers are a solution that effectively meets the needs of the municipality in terms of urban space cleanliness and quality of life for their citizens”, says Maria João Ferreira, Lasso's commercial director for the Portuguese market.