New Lasso recycling banks in Santa Comba Dão

As part of an application by the Association of Municipalities of the Planalto Beirão Region to POSEUR, the municipality of Santa Comba Dão has just installed five new recycling banks equiped with Lasso containers. The challenge presented to Lasso by the municipality was to increase selective collection for recycling and drastically reduce the amount of solid urban waste deposited in landfills, as well as significantly reduce operational collection costs, while minimizing the ecological footprint.

For this purpose, 20 Lasso PE semi-underground containers, for undifferentiated waste, glass, paper and packaging, were installed in various areas of the communities of Santa Comba Dão and Couto do Mosteiro.

The option of the municipality of Santa Comba Dão for Lasso semi-underground containers favored the numerous benefits that these present in comparison to other equipment, namely:

- more functional for the user (accessibility and the fact that they gather containers for recoverable solid urban waste and for undifferentiated waste in a single space)

- greater volume of deposition and reduction in the occupation of public space

- greater healthiness (improvement of hygiene conditions, in particular the emanation of bad odors)

- better integration in the environment, favoring the city's urban image

According to Sandra Silva, of the Municipal Works and Environment Division, it is an investment that “comes to meet the needs of the population, providing a better service to residents and, thus, making a great qualitative leap in the collection selection of solid urban waste, promoting compliance with the urban waste recycling targets imposed by the European Union”. To Sandra Silva, this is a way for the municipality to contribute to the promotion of local environmental values, to improve the quality of life of the population and to environmental sustainability, and to create an image of innovation.