Penafiel uses Lasso semi-underground containers to communicate with citizens

The municipality of Penafiel, in the north of Portugal, installed another 24 semi-underground Lasso containers, making a total of six more recycling banks. The cleaning of the streets, with the elimination of the garbage deposited there, as well as the increase of the collection capacity for the various residues, were the main reasons that led the municipality to select Lasso equipment.

These new containers were installed in three of the main avenues in the city of Penafiel, which bring together many shops and restaurants, being areas where there was an increase in garbage in the streets, as the waste was placed by the residents on public sidewalks, where it remained until collected by municipal services.

“This was, in effect, a problem in the city and there was an urgent need to eliminate the deposit of this waste in this premium area which, in addition to bringing together residential and commercial areas, also included an historic area. Another of our objectives was to increase the collection of recyclable material”, explains Elsa Rocha, from the Environment Division of the Municipality of Penafiel.

In addition to responding to these needs of the municipality, Lasso semi-underground containers were also used with another fundamental mission: to encourage residents to use the containers correctly and to separate waste, with a view to meeting recycling goals. For this purpose, the municipality selected the Image Finishing, which it used as a media to communicate simple and very targeted messages, in order to be easily apprehended by its target audience.

“More than showing images of emblematic monuments of the city or promoting events with a temporary character, we wanted, through the use of the respective color of each container, to encourage selective disposal and help the residents so that there are no errors in the placement of the respective garbage. Simultaneously, with this coating the containers have a very pleasant aesthetic appearance. We use very direct communication, with simple and short sentences, to avoid misinterpretation. Even though it started operating very recently, we have already seen very positive results”, adds Elsa Rocha.