Arve et Saléve highlights advantages of Lasso semi-underground containers

The Association of Municipalities of Arve et Saléve highlights on its website the advantages of using Lasso semi-underground containers. See the site here:

This association of eight French municipalities, located in the Haute Savoie region, opted for semi-underground containers to replace the door-to-door collection system which proved to be more expensive and less sustainable.

“In collaboration with our exclusive distributor in France (Contenur), we offer this association of municipalities a more sustainable, more economical, more hygienic, easy-to-use and safer solution for their solid urban waste collection system”, explains João Paulo Archer, Lasso's commercial director for the international market.

On their website, the associated municipalities of Arve et Saléve highlight the various advantages they find in the use of semi-underground containers by their residents. Right from the start, they save the operating time considerably shorter than with surface containers, as well as their large collection capacity, since a semi-underground container is equivalent to 10 surface containers. The fact that they have a discreet design, which integrates perfectly into the surrounding urban landscape, is another mentioned advantage.

In addition, semi-underground containers are easy to use and their signage and color of the lids easily guide their users to the correct use of the recycling bank. They are safe and very resistant, having an internal structure in hot-dip galvanized steel, thus offering maximum fire resistance, on the other hand, the fact that the concrete structure is in monoblock, which prevents contamination of the subsoil.

And, finally, the municipalities of Arve et Saléve highlight the large capacity for storing waste and the tightness of Lasso semi-underground containers, characteristics thanks to which they ended up with bad odors and waste scattered in the public space. Residents also have the advantage of easy access to the containers at any time of the day, therefore, they are no longer obliged to keep the garbage at home until the day the collection truck passes.

“It is always motivating to verify that the solutions presented respond to all the needs of our client and, mainly, to see that the advantages of Lasso semi-underground products are evident, thus producing visible added value benefits for the citizens”, concludes João Paulo Archer.