Alcobaça requalifies with Green Bee

The Municipality of Alcobaça installed new full underground Green Bee containers in Pataias, within the scope of the requalification project of some areas of that parish. One of the main objectives was to replace the previous surface containerization system, considered less effective by the municipality that for this reason installed Green Bee containers for the first time in 2017, in the parish of Benedita.

Now, two new recycling banks have been installed with four full underground containers each, for mixed waste deposition and selective collection of plastic and metal, cardboard and paper and glass.

“In Green Bee containers, it is important to highlight the fact that they do not have a hydraulic system, which gives them a huge advantage in terms of maintenance, that is, they require practically no assistance. These new full underground containers are replacing the old surface containers, presenting, in our opinion, a more efficient, cleaner and more sustainable solution”, says Cristina Ferreira, Head of the Environment and Green Spaces Unit of the Alcobaça City Council.

As part of the project for the requalification of areas in this Alcobaça’s parrish, works are still underway to install three new recycling banks with Green Bee full underground containers.

“The municipality of Alcobaça has already adhered to the full underground containers a few years ago. The acquisition of new equipment at this moment is the recognition that this solution for depositing and collecting waste has undeniable benefits in terms of lower operating costs, safety for operators and ease of use for residents, cleaning and hygiene of the public space and sustainability ”, says Maria João Ferreira, Lasso's commercial director for the national market.