Alpes d’Azur installs 300 Lasso semi-underground containers

Alpes D’Azur, a French region that presents a unique environment, preserved between the sea and the mountains, today represents a case study – over there, the largest number of Lasso’s containers were installed within the shortest period of time. In fact, at the end of 2019, 300 Lasso semi-underground containers were installed in about three months in 27 of the 34 communities of the Association of Municipalities of Alpes d’Azur.

"This is a case that for us is special, not only because of the short production and delivery time of the products to an international customer, but also because of all the logistics involved in installing the equipment itself, in locations that in many cases were very difficult to access and presented an added challenge”, says Pedro Martins da Costa, Lasso’s CEO.

Through Contenur, its exclusive distributor in France, and its logistics partner Alpes Azur Levage, a company specializing in crane transport and equipment installation, it was possible to take the Lasso semi-underground containers to remote mountainous areas, where the installation required special requirements. Thus, more than 300 Lasso Semi BT containers, with a capacity for 4m³ and 5m³, were installed, with Treated Autoclave Wood Boards finishing, responding to the needs of that French region that aims to increase the separation of waste for recycling, meeting European targets and contributing to environmental sustainability.

“We rely on the right partners, anywhere in the world, to market and install our products quickly and efficiently, at the lowest possible cost”, Pedro Martins da Costa adds.