Bytów installs Lasso full-underground containers

Lasso has been strengthening its presence in Poland, as a result of its partnership with Innova Good, a local distributor that commercializes its solutions for selective urban waste colection and smart waste management. After Wroclaw and Starogard, the two first Polish cities to install Lasso waste containers, it was now Bytów's turn to select the Green Bee model of full-underground containers for yet another installation of a waste collection pilot project.

This is a recycling bank with five large-capacity Green Bee containers, with the particularity of integrating containers for the collection of bio-waste, in addition to those for mixed waste, paper, glass and packaging. This recycling bank was installed in the historic area of ​​the city and was approved by the competent authorities for its innovative aesthetic characteristics and for minimum public space occupation. Its high capacity, functionality and durability of the Green Bee underground containers were also advantages that influenced the Polish municipality's choice of this solution.

“As throughout Poland, Bytów rebalances its waste management policy. This pilot project in the historic center of the city with Green Bee containers opens the door to other possibilities and we are sure that soon these high-capacity full-underground containers will improve to revolutionize waste management in Poland, as well as helping the country to fulfill its environmental goals”, says João Paulo Archer, commercial director of Lasso for the international market.